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   제 목   Culture    상 태  
   작성자   isjjang7    등록일   2019-08-13
   내 용



Today, I solved many problems and looked at the new passage. It's about culture. Teacher asked me what is Korean culture. And I said K-pop and food are our best culture. Most Korean believe culture is very important. Because, Kimgu who is the best independence army for Korea said, "Only thing that I want is the power of culture. The power of culture makes ourselves happy and can give others happiness ,too." I want K-pop to become more popular. These days, many foreigners come to Korea and they take video or enjoy our culture. I'm very proud my country, Korea, and I love my country, Korea! (except  the politicians :()

Great job, Jang In Seo! It's really amazing that you can express your opinion in a certain. Keep on doing that! I'll wait for your next entry. ^^ - T. Clariz

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