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   작성자   isjjang7    등록일   2019-08-12
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The Movie - Exit

Last weekend, I watched the movie named 'Exit'. The movie's genre is disastrous and comical. Do you know Jo-Jeong-Seok or Yun-a? They are the main actors in the movie. Yun-a is a member of an idol group named Girls Generation. This movie is about Yongnam(main actor) and Uiju who are run away from the malignant gas. I watched this movie with my family. I think this movie is very comical and thrilling. This is my best movie in 2019. I want to watch it again. Actually, my older brother watched this movie three times! ^^ And if you want to watch 'Exit', you probably have to bring handkerchief. Because after you watch 'Exit', may be your palms will be soaked in sweat.

Thanks for the movie recommendation, Jang In Seo! You did well. Keep on writing! ^^ -T. Clariz

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