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   제 목   Sora Choi    상 태  
   작성자   isjjang7    등록일   2019-11-04
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Sora Choi

'The first Asian Model of Exclusive monopoly model of Louis Vuitton. A Brilliant Campaign Model.' They are the titles of the great model, Sora Choi. She's my favorite model and also recognized as top model in the world. And, She was a winner of one broadcasting show Korea's Next Top Model ( Season 3)  (It is a broadcasting show in the Korea from foreigners.)Her background:2017 S/S Millan Fashion Week in Prada, Gucci, dolcegabbana, Ferragamo, Botega Beneta and Marni's model. Now, she became the top 3 model of  Asia. I love top model Korea 3, so I watched it many times. So, I know that Sora Choi's personality is a little bad, but there are many points that why she became the brilliant model. It's Sora, period!

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