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   제 목   Bad breath    상 태  
   작성자   isjjang7    등록일   2019-09-05
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Bad Breath

Do you know what it means when you have a bad breath? Yeah, it means you should brush your teeth. The common method to prevent bad breath is brushing teeth regulary. Brushing teeth is very important habit for taking good care of  teeth. But, if you brush your teeth for a long time, you can have a bad breath, either. Also, we can prevent bad breath by not eating smelly food such as onion, garlic, meat, coffee, cigarette, and many more. Those can cause bad breath. People who have bad breath come up repulsive. So, let's brush teeth three times every day!

That's very informative Jang In Seo! I will brush my teeth thrice a day. Thank you for reminding. Keep on writing! Good job! ^^ - T. Clariz

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