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Canadian Maple 3

And, there is Eastern Townships. It is the most fertile ground in the Quebec. When it is fall, it turns to beautiful orange colors, and there is fragrant grape scent! Lastly, Quebec city. It is famous by filming the local Korean drama 'Goblin'. Quebec city is the oldest city in Canada, so it was designated buy UNESCO in 1985. There are many pastel tone charming houses. People who have been to Quebec and in Canada said Quebec city's scenery inspired them to travel in Medieval France. 
What is maple road? It means 800km maple road is continous to Niagara Falls to Quebec. There are maple tree, poplar, beech, birch, birch tree, and so on. Also, there are Toronto, Kingston, Otawa, Montriol and Quebec that were used to be capital in Canada. So, you can feel England and France in there. Thank you for reading my essay!.^^

Keep on writing, Jang In Seo! You did a good job in discussing abut the Canadian maple. -T. Clariz

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